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The vision for the City provides a clear enunciation of the future direction envisaged by the Council which aims to enhance the unique lifestyle and provide a range of choices for the Mount Gambier community.
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Can I walk my dog off the leash?
You can walk your dog off the leash in designated ‘Off Leash’ areas - Blue Lake Sports Park, Hastings Cunningham Reserve (including dog parks), Frew Park, Don McDonnell Reserve, Corriedale Park & Northumberland Avenue. Outside of these areas, all dogs must be on a leash.
Do I have to register my dog?
Yes, under the Dog and Cat Management Act 1995, all dogs over three months old must be registered annually and within 14 days of you taking possession of the dog.
How old can you be to register a dog?
A person must be aged 16 years or over to register a dog.
Do I need to advise Council if I change address or if my dog dies?
Yes, Council is required to keep the dog register current and it is the responsibility of the owner to advise Council of a change of details.
From what age does a dog need to be registered?
A dog must be registered from the age of three months. An expiation may be issued if a dog over the age of three months is found to be unregistered.
How many dogs can be kept at a property?
A maximum of three dogs can be kept at a property, however, an application can be made to Council to obtain a permit to keep more than three dogs.
How can I make a complaint about a dog barking excessively?
Download or obtain ‘Barking Dog Complaint Kit’ from Council, complete and submit to Council’s authorised officers who will work together with the owner of the dog to determine the cause and modify the behaviour of the dog.
Do I need to add my dog to DACO if it is already registered with my Council?
No, if your dog is already currently registered, your registration details will be migrated to the DACO portal administered by the Dog and Cat Management Board.
My dog is elderly, do I need to get it microchipped?
Yes, unless it has an approved exemption from a licensed vet.
Will renewals be sent each year?
Yes, a renewal will be sent to you each year. However, no new tag will be sent. The initial tag will be the only one sent - this is a lifetime tag.
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