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About Us
About Us

Mossy's Mini Excavation's is a WA owned and operated company with over 16 years experience in the installation of underground power and communication ducting on new subdivisions and in built up areas. All employees are qualified and ticketed to carry out the installation of underground utilities.

With our experience and knowledge of the industry, we will provide and exceed the standards required by your Company and the Industry.

Drilling & Trenching

Mossy's Mini Excavation's can drill and pull back 25mm to 160mm pipes or direct

buried cables. Our drill is versatile, it can be either pit launch or ground launch. We

only need 2.5 metres in length to set up and launch. This gives us an advantage to

work in confined areas where other direction drills cannot access.

Open trenching is used for the laying of underground power, communication

conduits, water, gas and retic pipes.

Payment Methods
Direct Deposit