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School for Boys Early Entry to Year 6
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About Us

Founded in 1904, Mosman Prep (as it is fondly called) is renowned as a specialist preparatory school for boys. As the first Headmaster, 'Tibby' Yarnold said at the time "I wish to establish a school of a good type where parents can confidently send their boys".

Over the succeeding years the School has provided an outstanding academic, social and all-round education focused on the needs of boys that well prepare them for the future. Our slogan 'Educating for Tomorrow, Today' encapsulates a focus on being forward looking in readiness for the complexities of the world in which the boys will live. The school is of a size where every boy is known personally.

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The early years spent at school are arguably the most important school years for the development of personality, intellect and character. In the early years habits and values are formed that will have a significant influence on later learning. Because of this we consider every aspect of a boy¿s development in an atmosphere of personal support, structure and clear boundaries.

Academic excellence is sought, but so too are creative, artistic, musical and sporting achievements. Learning how to learn and apply knowledge is the focus of energies once mastery of prerequisites is in hand.


Applications for enrolment are considered when the completed forms and registration fees are received. Upon receipt the School will either place the boy's name on the waiting list or, in the event of a vacancy being available, reserve the place requested.

An offer of a place at the School in any year will be dependent upon a consideration of the application, an interview with the Headmaster and a review of relevant school reports. Acceptance of an application is not a guarantee of a place at the School.