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Latrobe Veterinary Hospital
About Us
About Us

We are always seeking improvements and innovations which allow us to improve our services to you & your pets.

We have been early adopters of several veterinary innovations. When we become aware of potential new ways to do things we research the evidence and make decisions about the inclusion of new practice policies based on this evidence and our extensive clinical experience.

Services We Offer

Communication & Education

We're trying to get around the common "what did the vet say?" - "I can't remember/I don't understand" scenario.

Communication & Education Clients who have the right information can provide the best care to their pets. We also know it is really important that you understand the information we need to give you, as clearly as possible.

We know there is a lot of information on the internet, and we'll happily direct you to reliable information sources when you want to do your homework online. As a general rule, you'll get sensible information from university veterinary websites, and veterinary clinic sites.

Why Choose Us?

We constantly strive to maintain the highest possible standards of care within our clinics. We are committed to the initial and continuing education of our staff, as this is the strongest way to provide excellent care. We are constantly assessing our processes and procedures to see if we can improve them, and developing protocols or policies to maximise the consistency of our care and services.