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Milner's experience dates back more than 30 years. It is Australia's second-longest established private EFL school and Perth's first. Directors Warren and Rosemary Milner established the college in 1984, as a natural outcome of their interest in education and languages. Milner College is registered by the Ministry of Education, accredited by NEAS Australia and is a member of English Australia.

Milner College is famous for its Cambridge courses, preparing more students for these exams than any other college in Australia. Exclusive and separate classes for the Preliminary English Test, First Certificate in English, Certificate of Advanced English and Certificate of Proficiency in English are guaranteed. Milner's pass rate is high.


Milner College is proud to have its own cafe, located on the ground floor of the Milner building. Odyssey Cafe is a large, warm & welcoming space where students can buy their breakfast or lunch, or sit & enjoy coffee. We also have a beautiful roof garden situated on the ground floor, at the back of the Milner College building. Students & staff are free to enjoy the garden whenever they like.

Milner offers students free internet access from our two computer rooms, with fast ADSL link and multi-lingual support. Non-Roman scripts are available.

There are 6 fully-furnished self-equipped studio apartments in the Milner College building, only a 1-minute walk from your classroom! Up to three people can stay in one apartment.

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