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MLC girls become world-ready women
About Us

Founded in 1882 and with a proud history of educational innovation and academic excellence, MLC delivers a world-class education to students from all over Melbourne, across Australia and around the world.

As an open-entry school our over-arching goal is to nurture and develop each student in our care, so that she leaves us with the skills, knowledge and attitude necessary to be a world-ready woman in today’s globalised era.

What We Do

MLC aims to foster in students a desire for knowledge, an excitement about learning, an independence in thinking and a commitment to the community.

Our approach to learning is tailored to meet the specific developmental, cognitive and social growth of our students as they move through our four schools.

Kindle - 6 weeks to 5 years - celebrates the natural curiosity of children through hands-on exploration of the world around them

Junior - Prep - Year 6 - provides a stimulating and caring environment, where students build a love of learning

Middle - Years 9 & 10 - involvement, empowerment, discovery and independence are key themes

Senior - Years 11 & 12 - where students are encouraged to take responsibility for their learning and prepare for tertiary study and life beyond school

Does MLC have a waiting list?
Yes, all applicants are automatically put onto a waiting list until MLC Admissions begins the enrolment process for the year of interest.
How does MLC's waiting list work?
A year prior to commencement MLC contacts families to confirm interest in a place for the following year. For students entering Prep, Years 5 and 7, we contact families two years prior to commencement. If year levels are at capacity then families who are not offered a place will remain on the waiting list. MLC will make contact if a vacancy occurs. Places at MLC are offered in order of the date of application. A family connection to the College provides a two year advantage on the waiting list.
What are MLC's main intake years?
MLC accepts students at all year levels where places are available. The major intake years are Prep, Years 3, 5, 7, 9 and 11.
Does every student have the opportunity to attend MLC?
MLC is an open entry school, and all students are welcome to apply. Every student entering the College from Year 5 is tested, but this is not a requirement for enrolment. The test provides important up-to-date information which we can use to meet your daughter's individual learning needs.
What is the application process?
When a prospective student applies for admission to MLC, her details are entered on our waitlist. At the beginning of the year prior to commencement (for Prep, Years 5 and 7 two years prior), MLC contacts the family to confirm interest for the following year. The parents/guardian complete an enrolment questionnaire and supply a copy of the student’s latest school report. We then organise an interview with the Head of School. Offers of a place at the College are usually made after this interview.
When will my daughter be offered a place?
Offers are generally made after the interview with the relevant Head of School. Places at MLC are offered in order of the date of application, with priority given to applicants with a family connection to the College. For students entering Prep, Years 5 and 7 we contact families two years prior to commencement.
Does MLC offer scholarships?
Yes, each year we offer a large number of academic, music/academic, boarding, and means-tested principal scholarships for both current and new students. Find out more about scholarships at
What programs does MLC offer for talented students?
MLC's Compass program has been specially designed to meet the unique needs of talented students. This innovative online learning program provides enrichment across a wide range of subject areas. High-potential students may self-select or be nominated to participate in enrichment programs online. The progress of all students involved in the wide range of Compass programs is monitored by highly skilled Learning Support staff to ensure each student's individual learning needs are met.
What languages does MLC you offer?
In Years 7 to 12, MLC offers French, French Immersion, Chinese (Mandarin) and Japanese. Students can also choose to study Spanish in Years 9 to 12. In Junior School, students study Japanese from Prep to Year 4, and French in Years 5 and 6. Students at MLC Kindle also learn Japanese, with a focus on culture and diversity. Students may also choose to study another language through distance education, with support from the College and with approval from the relevant Head of School.
What sports does MLC offer?
Physical Education and Sport coaches offer more than 30 sports to students. Specialist staff provide coaching for the many MLC teams who compete in inter-school competitions during the week and after school, while several MLC sports clubs, including Diving, Netball, Gymnastics, Rowing, Kayaking, Snow Sports and Swimming, run on the weekend. Our outstanding Physical Education Centre includes an indoor swimming and diving pool, gymnasium, dance facilities and an Olympic standard gymnastics venue.
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