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About Us
About Us

RapidFlow is a family owned and operated business spanning eight years of quality manufacture and service in the heating & cooling industry.

RapidFlow's headquarters at 54 National Boulevard, Campbellfield now encompasses all facets of heating and cooling, offering a one stop shop for grilles, sheet metal, flexible duct and heating & cooling units.

Products Info

The RapidFlow Group consists of three divisions, flexible duct manufacturing, sheet metal manufacturing, and aluminium grill manufacture. We also stock most brands of ducted heating and cooling systems and ALL the accessories your installation may require. If your job requires you to step outside of the box, our sheet metal and grills divisions are more than happy to create your masterpiece.


By supplying our clients with a complete heating or cooling package we are able to retain our promise of exceptional quality and outstanding service at a realistic price. Basically what we price you is what you get, no excuses, no sneaky extras.


In Addition

Adding to this already impressive product range, RapidFlow also supports the efforts of various local manufacturers such as: Bonaire, Brivis, Omega Climate Systems, Braemar, Daikin, Fujitsu, Toshiba, Hitachi, LG, Panasonic, and also Suppliers/Installers, to ensure customers whether wholesale, commercial, and retail are adequately catered for.