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Level 1 11 King William Street, Adelaide SA 5000

Business Summary
MedicAlert® Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation providing a 24/7 emergency medical information and identification service.
About Us

The genuine MedicAlert® emblem has been protecting Australians for 40 years and is instantly recognised and trusted by emergency services and healthcare professionals to relay critical - potentially lifesaving - information when needed.

Our History

The MedicAlert Foundation began in California in 1953 when the daughter of Dr Marion Collins, Linda, almost died due to an allergy that was unknown to her doctors. Collins’ daughter had a potentially fatal allergic reaction (anaphylaxis) to a tetanus antitoxin skin test. He and his wife subsequently designed a bracelet engraved with their daughter’s allergy, with the words ‘Medic’ and ‘Alert’ with the internationally recognised symbol for medicine (rod of Asclepius) to alert medical personnel to her allergy in case of future emergencies.

Today, the MedicAlert emblem is recognised worldwide. It now serves a membership community of more than four million people from around 40 different countries.