Business Summary
We strive to provide our customers with the best deals on new and used Volkswagens to ensure you receive a quality vehicle at the most competitive price.
About Us

Our management team brings to McCarroll’s Volkswagen many years of experience from within the motor industry. This finely tuned expertise they offer can only benefit the customers they serve.

At McCarroll’s Volkswagen, customer service is more than just a buzzword. All staff live by the motto “Treat every customer as you would a guest in your own home” and we strive to meet your expectations not just when you purchase your vehicle but in the years ahead.

Our focus is to build lasting relationships, not just selling cars.

What We Do
  • Factory backed guarantee on all workmanship.
  • Servicing by fully trained Volkswagen technicians.
  • Award winning Volkswagen Service Team & very importantly your Volkswagen is returned to you hand washed and cleaned.