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(Air Energy Pty Ltd) Compressed Air Pipework & Equipment
About Us

Air Energy is a family owned business first established in 1993 supplying a comprehensive range of Pumps, Compressed Air Equipment and Industrial Pipework. In Feb. 2008 the company was divided into 2 specialised suppliers with Air Energy being the new entity for Compressed Air Equipment and Industrial Pipework.

Air Energy specialise in personal attention to every client. You can have the benefit of more than 20years’ experience in a broad spectrum of industries. Being an independent provider with a depth of industry knowledge and scope of experience, helps us focus on giving each client personalised ‘best practice’ solutions.

Air Energy being strategically located less than 5 minutes from East link, gives quick access to major industrial regions.

Whether simple or complex, Air Energy will apply the same care and attention to all customers and with the flexibility to respond quickly to customer needs.

We enjoy sharing the experience of a job well done and satisfied customers; include Air Energy’s expertise in how to best assess and service your requirements.


Maxair utilises PE100, a product of advanced materials technology which outperforms other pipes for pressure, flow, corrosion resistance, compatibility with compressor oils & ease of installation and alteration. Complementing this outstanding development in clean robust pipework is a comprehensive range of quality components to help you select the best solution for your individual requirements.

This range is a result of research and experience within a broad cross section of industrial applications. Compressed gasses have inherent dangers, so an uncompromising standard of quality, conservative pressure ratings and the highest safety factors of any polymer piping system as set out in Australian Standards is now available.