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Also known as
  • Glenrowan Quarry
  • Lake Boga Quarry
  • Pyramid Quarry
  • Lake Cooper Quarry
  • Berrigan Quarry
  • Lake Cooper
  • Yabba Quarry
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Mawsons Concrete & Quarries
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Mawsons began in 1912 when E.B. (Barney) Mawson began work as a contractor cutting thistles for the Kerang Shire. Little did Barney know that in years to come he would expand and become a key contractor in the region. In the 1940s and ‘50s Barney’s sons, Ken, Bernie and Lloyd, joined the business and continued their father's hard work.

Investing in all sorts of heavy machinery and using the resourcefulness of dedicated staff, Mawsons began building bridges and roads. The more work the Mawson family had, the greater the need for quarry products. This demand encouraged Mawsons to make a move into quarrying.

The Mawson business continued to expand, acquiring several quarries before a new growth area emerged in the mid-1960s. Concrete production was the next step in Mawsons development. By the mid-1980s, the company had four concrete plants across the Murray Valley. Today we operate more than 42 concrete and quarry sites stretching from Wangaratta to Broken Hill and Deniliquin to Seymour.

The contemporary business has grown through a century of great change but the company culture of hard work and family spirit continues just as strongly today as in the thistle cutting days of founder, E.B. Mawson.

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