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Patented Forms for Manhole Contruction
About Us
About Us

Today, our equipment is being used on most if not all, the major infrastructure and sub divisional developments throughout Queensland.

Some of these include major upgrades to international and domestic airports, ports, motorways and highways including the Brisbane river tunnels. The number of subdivisions and other civil projects our equipment has been used on are endless.

Whether they are pipe-layers, sewer or drainage specialists, pit builders, cable installers or earth movers, they each benefit in some way by utilising our equipment.

  • We are not a contractor, therefore, not your competitor
  • Delivery to all of the Greater Southeast at reasonable rates
  • Regional areas serviced by freight
  • Catch up after rain or pour multiples simultaneously

Services We Offer

Our Products and services include:

  • Inner Drums (Ø metres)
  • Outer Drums (Ø metres)
  • Extensions for Elongating
  • Pit Boxes
  • Unique Keyway
  • Certified Lifting Points
  • Make Your Own Lids
  • Patented Quick Assembly/ Release Corners

MFH Advantage

Many companies now prefer to hire forms and write off 100% of cost as opposed to only writing down a small % for depreciation each year, and use their capital to promote their core business.

With hiring you get options, not obligations.

Have the benefit of access to multiples of sizes, less maintenance, storage and ancillary costs.

Whilst the current industry outlook is favourable, there is no doubt that in the future, industry changes and demands will be more rapid and will have a negative impact on many of those businesses that do not position themselves to take advantage of these changes.

Leaner, more efficient and cost effective businesses will be the success stories of the future.