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The transport portfolio isn't just about roads, boats, planes or trains.

It's about people.

People who need to get to work, home and everywhere in between and businesses that rely on road, rail, air and sea to deliver billions of dollars in goods and services each year.

Since 2010, WA's three key transport agencies - Main Roads, Department of Transport and Public Transport Authority - have worked together to enhance the coordination of operations and develop unified policies and regulatory functions.

The agencies each have different responsibilities and together they strive to provide world-class outcomes for our customers, all West Australians and visitors to our state, through integrated transport systems and services.

Who do I submit a claims against Main Roads to?
All claimants must fill in the Claim form available on our website and email it to
What can be done about a dangerous intersection?
Please notify Main Roads on 138 138 if you have concerns about a particular intersection. If that intersection comes within the jurisdiction of Main Roads we will arrange for a Traffic Services Officer to investigate and contact you with a response. On local roads, intersection safety is the responsibility of local government. We will inform you if this is the case and pass your query on to the relevant local authority.
Where do i report driver behaviour? Eg. I was in my car today when another driver cut across me.
This form of driver behaviour is a Police issue. Please contact the police assistance centre on 131 444.
Who is in charge of red light cameras?
Red light cameras are managed by WA Police. For all queries relating to red light cameras, please contact WA Police on 131 444.
How do I get a 50 km/h signs installed in my street?
In built-up areas, speed limits are sign-posted only where these differ from the default 50 km/h speed limit. Police enforcement and physical traffic calming measures (installed by local Councils) are proven to be more effective than signage in slowing traffic in residential streets. Please contact the Police on 131 444 and/or your local council - - for assistance if you feel road safety is compromised in particular locations.
Do you have recorded footage of an accident I was involved in?
Unfortunately, recorded footage is not available. Main Roads' traffic cameras are used for monitoring the freeway and traffic incidents on the metropolitan road network in real time only.
who do I call if i see live animals on the road?
Please refer to The Wildcare Helpline - - 9474 9055. The Wildcare Helpline is a 24 hour, seven-day-a-week telephone referral service, operated by experienced volunteers on behalf of the Department of Environment & Conservation.
Who do i contact if speed limits are not clear?
Our Call Centre can be contacted for this information on 138 138. Please keep in mind this information is always subject to checks on whether road works are underway or whether some other hazard requires reduced speeds to be observed. If a metropolitan road in a built-up area is not signposted, the speed limit is 50 km/h.
Who do I call if water is covering the road?
This is a Water Corporation issue. Please refer to their Water Faults and Emergency line on 13 13 75.
How do I oppose Speeding infringements?
Please send us a copy of your speeding infringement and we will refer it to our Speed zoning department for their assessment.
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