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Celebrating 90 years of service to the Longreach, Winton, Barcaldine, Blackall-Tambo, Diamantina and Barcoo Shires.

The Independent Voice of Central West Queensland since 1923.

This website was created to provide extra value to readers of our newspaper. Only the front page is posted onto the website each week. However, we can now offer digital subscriptions at the cover price of $1.80 per edition, which represents a considerable saving on the cost of postage. Limited space in the paper allows us to print only the best of the many photographs taken at events. Readers can now browse, and buy, images from all events we cover during the year. We do not post images taken by our correspondents or those submitted by other organisations, as we do not hold copyright.

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We value our advertisers, and they value our ability to take their message to readers over the huge and sparsely settled area of Central and Western Queensland. The Longreach Leader is published weekly on Friday, 49 weeks a year and is closed for three weeks over the Christmas-New Year period. All material appearing in The Longreach Leader is copyright and may not be reproduced without permission.

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