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About Us

Laccon Neurosurgery is a comprehensive neurosurgical service specialising in paediatric and adult neurosurgery. We believe in a patient-centred, complete and thorough approach to every condition.

The practice employs the latest advances in neurosurgical techniques in reaching the goals of management in a variety of neurosurgical conditions.

This service specialises in paediatric neurosurgery, complex craniofacial surgery, spinal surgery, tumour surgery, functional neurosurgery and neurotrauma management.

About Us

Mr. Patrick Lo is a paediatric neurosurgeon at the Royal Children's Hospital with special interests in paediatric neuro-oncology, complex craniofacial neurosurgery, trauma, functional and spasticity neurosurgery and complex cerebrospinal fluid circulation disorders.

He is an adult neurosurgeon at the Melbourne Private and Royal Melbourne Hospitals where his practice includes spinal, tumour and trauma surgery. He also holds appointments at the Western Hospital at Footscray and the University of Melbourne. He has been involved in the management of complex neurosurgical and work-related surgical cases.

Why Us?

Mr. Lo obtained his medical degree at the University of Sydney in 1991 along with a Bachelor of Science research degree in 1989. He began training in neurosurgery in 1994 at the Children's Hospital in Sydney, formerly known as the Royal Alexandra Hospital for Children. He has worked in every major teaching hospital in New South Wales and Canberra.

Upon completion of his training and achieving his fellowship in neurosurgery at the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons in 1999, Mr. Lo was accepted for a post-fellowship position as a clinical fellow at the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto, where he worked with world-renowned paediatric neurosurgeons. He returned to Australia in 2001 and began practice as a neurosurgeon in Melbourne.

Adult Procedures


There are numerous forms of brain tumours, ranging from benign lesions to highly malignant cancers, which are amenable to surgical excision. To remove or resect these tumours, a craniotomy is first carried out.

Cervical Spine

Cervical spinal derangement is a common condition resulting in compression of the cervical nerves or the spinal cord.


Lumbar Spine

Lumbar spine degenerative disease results in compression of lumbar nerve roots and may lead to pain, numbness, weakness and muscle wasting in the legs.

Kids Procedures

Craniofacial Surgery

Some children are born with craniofacial problems including premature closure of skull sutures and fontanelles (soft spots), delayed cranial closures and encephaloceles, bony craniofacial tumours and craniofacial trauma.


The process of brain surgery is performed via a craniotomy.


Intrathecal Baclofen Pump Insertion

In the treatment of spasticity and certain movement disorders, the delivery of baclofen directly into the CSF adjacent to the spinal cord results in improved control of the spasticity and the abnormal movements.

ETV / Ventriculoscopy

A minimally invasive key-hole neurosurgical procedure which gives access to the deepest parts of the brain.