Livestock, Bulk & Rural Carriers Association (LBRCA)



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Business Summary
The LBRCA is a community of livestock, bulk and rural carriers who transport Australia’s essential agricultural products through regional and rural NSW.
About Us

The Livestock, Bulk and Rural Carriers Association (LBRCA) is a community of transport operators delivering Australia’s essential agricultural products throughout country NSW. Our members are vital in getting Australian produce to our cities and beyond. Together we are working to achieve a more productive, efficient and safer industry for the future.

We want safer roads, better loads and less red tape.

LBRCA is at the forefront in seeking important industry reforms. We drive a strong policy agenda focused on achieving positive changes to sustain and improve our industry.

We collaborate with a wide range of stakeholders to:

  • Develop a more workable higher mass limits system including expansion of the network
  • Push for more funding for local councils to improve road infrastructure
  • Develop a workable livestock loading scheme in NSW
  • Increase higher productivity vehicle networks
  • Develop grain industry standards to increase supply chain efficiency and
  • Ensure our members are treated fairly out on the road

The LBRCA is the voice for livestock and bulk carriers in rural and regional NSW. We offer a complete membership support service including a full time Secretariat, exclusive member benefits and networking opportunities at regional meetings and annual conferences.

What We Do


The LBRCA understands the specific issues impacting bulk carriers in NSW.

We represent our bulk members with a view to increase productivity and improve efficiency to ensure the viability of bulk member businesses.


The LBRCA understands the issues impacting livestock carriers in NSW and drives a hard policy agenda focused on achieving key productivity and efficiency changes in the industry to improve the viability of our members businesses, both short and longer term.


The LBRCA presents a united and powerful voice to Government. We work hard with other industries and supply chain partners to get a better deal for the rural freight industry.