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About Us
About Us

LifeWorks Relationship Counselling and Education Services provides affordable professional counselling, family dispute resolution, mediation and education for individuals, couples, families, children and adolescents.

Our staff can help you with relationship, parenting, separation, reconciliation, divorce, re-marriage, step-family and family conflict issues

LifeWorks is the only Commonwealth Government approved counselling, family dispute resolution and educational organisation in the Central Business District of Melbourne. We also have 7 branches throughout metropolitan Melbourne and country Victoria.

Through its Employee Assistance Program, LifeWorks provides counselling and mediation to employees, work teams and organisations



Ten Tips for Better Relationships

1. Believe in your ability to create a healthy relationship

2. Plan regular time together as a couple

3. Become clear about your needs and expectations - develop an awareness of where these come from

4. Be prepared to say what you want in your relationship

5. Be prepared to listen to your partner

6. Make room in your relationship for differences and value these differences

7. Let your partner know when you appreciate him/her

8. Develop a team approach

9. Know the difference between fair and dirty fighting

10. Be curious about your partner

Our Commitment to You:
  • Providing you with high quality professional relationship services
  • Providing services to people regardless of gender, race, sexual preference, religion, culture, social or economic circumstances
  • Helping people to deal positively with significant life changes, to develop their potential and to optimise their quality of life

  • Creating an environment in which clients and staff are encouraged to learn and develop.
  • Contributing to community wellbeing by providing preventive and early intervention programs and support services, which minimise the emotional, social and economic costs associated with disruption to relationships

Kindly Follow the link to Our Client Charter to Know More

Employee Assistance Program - What You Need to Know?

What is the Employee Assistance Program?

LifeWorks' Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is a free and confidential counselling program offered by employers to their employees to support their wellbeing in the workplace and in their personal lives. Depending on the arrangement with your employer, EAP may also extend to immediate family members.

When might I need the EAP?

The EAP is available to give assistance for work related and personal issues such as:

  • work stress
  • interpersonal conflict at work
  • work overload
  • bullying and harassment
  • difficulty with change
  • depression
  • emotional stress and anxiety
  • relationship problems
  • separation and divorce
  • parenting
  • work and family life balance
  • family violence
  • grief and bereavement