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Liberty OneSteel is a member of Liberty House Group, a division of the GFG Alliance. 

Liberty OneSteel is Australia’s largest manufacturer and supplier of structural and reinforcing steel, including hot rolled structurals, pipe and tube, rod, reinforcing bar, wire products and rail. Our structural and reinforcing steel and rail products enable the construction of steel-framed buildings, buildings framed in concrete and nation-building infrastructure projects, as well as the manufacturing of everything from bed springs to truck bodies. Our experienced and dedicated Australian team of over 5,000 employees work as integral partners to the construction industry to deliver innovative, forward-thinking, sustainable and certified steel solutions.

At Liberty OneSteel, we believe that anything is possible when you turn the right minds to it. It’s how ideas are born, visions take shape and dreams become a reality. Decades of knowledge, passion and commitment to sustainability, safety and standards are forged in our steel. They inspire us to constantly challenge the notion of what is possible. This thinking drives everything we innovate, create and deliver. This is the Liberty OneSteel difference.

Because as much as we deal in steel, we also deal in futures - yours, ours, Australia’s.

Liberty OneSteel. Building Possibilities.

Our Vision: Liberty OneSteel is a partner to the Australian construction industry.

Our Mission: Safely delivering steel-based solutions on-time and on budget.

Our Core Values: Sustainability | Family | Change

Does the AS/NZS 3679.1 rolled-in mark need to be on both sides of a Universal Beam?
AS/NZS 3679.1 doesn’t stipulate where the rolled-in mark needs to be positioned on a beam. It’s generally placed on one side of the web or on one flange, not both. However, it needs to be no more than 4m apart, so a 4m-plus long beam should have at least one rolled-in mark on it somewhere, i.e. on either the web or flange. Liberty OneSteel Universal Beams have the rolled-in mark on the web, although some manufacturers place it on the outside of the flange.
What are the details of the radii on the milled flanges of all Universal Sections (UCs) from 200UC46 up to 310UC158?
Liberty OneSteel’s Universal Sections are produced with a nominal radius of 0mm on the edges. They are nominally a right-angle edge with no prescribed radii.
How do I obtain the security code for Composite Analysis Software?
The latest version of Compsoft does not require a security code. You just need to download Compsoft from our website and install it on a computer running Microsoft Excel 2003 or more recent.