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Mesabi Radiator Manufacturers Services & Parts
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The British first developed the idea of individually replaceable cooling tubes held in headers with rubber seals during WWII desert tank warfare.

The concept had these advantages:

  • The flexible seals would allow damaged tubes to be removed and replaced even under combat conditions.
  • The seals would absorb vibration, pounding and thermal shock that would cause conventional radiators to leak.

Following WWII, Rolls-Royce motor cars and commercial vehicles were equipped with these radiators. In the early '50s, the radiator core first appeared on haul trucks in Canadian ore mines in Labrador.

Services We Offer

Field Repairable to 100% Cooling Capacity

Individual cooling tubes are held in headers with flexible rubber seals. The seals allow tubes that may incur damage to be removed and replaced in the field, and often without removing the radiator. Because MESABI® heat exchangers can be returned to 100% cooling capacity over and over again, they will outlast the equipment in which they are installed.

Custom Designs

MESABI® heat exchangers are designed in all shapes, sizes and capacities for cooling water, oil or air. L&M engineers work directly with customers, OEMs, engine manufacturers and fan suppliers to design reliability into every MESABI® heat exchanger. This includes working with OEMs in their plants and in the field to verify performance.