Kusco Murphy International



About Us

Kusco-Murphy International Pty Ltd is a Melbourne based firm. We are a company that prides itself on being proudly Australian.

All our products are produced and manufactured in Australia.

Simplicity is the foremost pre-requisite for the Kusco-Murphy Hair Care range.

It's all about textured hair made simple: cleanse / condition / treat.

At Kusco-Murphy we have married ancient philosophy with modern technology to bring a no fuss anti-hype hair care range to the consumer.

All shampoos and conditioners are organic and vegetarian. All our packaging is made from recyclable materials. "Environmentally Friendly" is a tag that is currently much used, but Kusco-Murphy do not do so without good cause. We believe that recycling is a personal responsibility and have developed a range of products that allows you to do so, easily.

The Kusco-Murphy product range does not contain any paper or animal by-products and it has never been tested on animals, nor will it be. All product ingredients are 100% vegetable based and are enhanced with the finest quality essential oils.

Kusco-Murphy are conscious of our actions in the world community and how they affect others. Our intentions are to cherish what the Earth provides for us and take responsibility as citizens of the Earth.