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Explore our fully renewed range of products, and see for yourself what sets KONE apart. If you are wondering what solutions best meet the needs of your building, check our elevator solutions for different building types. If you are looking to extend your new elevator with additional options, see our elevator enhancements.

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KONE escalators and autowalks are the reliable choice for moving high volumes of people. Incorporating the best escalator design and production ideas, they are the result of worldwide resources and global expertise.

Our escalators and autowalks set the standard for safety, reliability, visual design, space savings and environmental performance.

Have an escalator that requires modernising? Read about our innovative, award-winning KONE EcoMod solution.

How We Deliver

We support you every step of the way, with a range of tools that empower you when designing your building. From the early design phase, through installation to hand-over and maintenance, we ensure a smooth, professional process with an emphasis on safety, cost-efficiency and minimum disruption to other activities.


An investment in the future of your building

An elevator or escalator, like any machine, eventually reaches the end of its lifecycle. Even with regular maintenance and repair, after decades of constant operation - starting more than 100,000 times a year and travelling thousands of kilometres - it may need to be replaced or thoroughly modernised.

Modernising your elevator or escalator is an investment that pays off by reducing maintenance and energy costs and by improving reliability, safety and aesthetics.


We set the standard for advanced maintenance services, ensuring you get the longest lifespan and best performance out of your equipment. KONE Care maintenance packages are tailored to your needs. We lead the field with quality maintenance services for elevators, escalators and automatic building doors.

Whether it's KONE or non-KONE equipment, our maintenance packages provide the highest-quality and most reliable service for compliance, operation and safety.

At KONE, we commit life-long to your equipment. Our Care for Life assessment and modernisation solutions look ahead to guarantee your equipment will remain in optimal condition for a long time to come.

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