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90 Years - Quality and Reliability
Business Summary
Our corporate value is the total sum of trust given to us by society and all our stakeholders.
About Us

Komatsu has a rich history that dates back to 1917 when Takeuchi Mining Industry established Komatsu Iron Works to manufacture machine tools and mining equipment for in-house use. Four years later Komatsu Ltd was formed and by 1931 had produced Japan's first crawler-type farm tractor.

In 1953 Komatsu began production of forklift trucks, dump trucks and special purpose vehicles and two years on exported its first production equipment - to Argentina. From the humble opening of our first overseas office in India in 1964 - the same year the first forklift was presented in Australia and our exclusive distributorship began. Komatsu has gone on to become a key international player in the manufacture and sale of construction and mining equipment, utilities and industrial machinery.

In 1998 Red Australia became the exclusive distributor for Komatsu Forklifts. While Red Australia Equipment has diversified into other materials handling products over the years, Komatsu Forklifts have maintained core product status. With this status came Komatsu Forklift Australia: The first factory owned company in Komatsu Utility's Global network.