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Commenced operations in 1992 in a very humble way. Kim was approached by a manufacturer of window furnishings to design a machine which could form bend aluminium pelmet extrusions. Kim's background was in aeronautical engineering, a long call from designing window furnishing equipment. Perhaps because of this background, the problem at hand was approached from a more unconventional direction. The machine was subsequently designed and built and proved a very efficient product, many of the units are still in service today, some 17 years after their initial conception, thus proving the worth of the original design and construction.

Since that time Kimson Has been involved in the design and construction of many projects. We have been involved in packaging, including foodstuffs, live insects and pharmaceuticals, recycling equipment, presses up to 200 tonnes, concrete stress relief products and many other unusual projects.

What We Do

We have the in house resources to design mechanical, electrical, pneumatic, and hydraulic and control systems to your specifications.