Business Summary
We are focused on the mind and heart, and believe in promoting the intellectual, emotional, physical, social and spiritual development of each student.
About Us

Kilvington is an independent school in Melbourne with a commitment to academic excellence, a strong sense of community and a rich history, offering comprehensive education from the Early Learning Centre to VCE.

Our size means that our students can embrace many opportunities, including leadership, and participate in a diverse range of activities contributing to their confidence and sense of community.

Differentiated Curriculum

One of the key tasks of a successful school is to fully recognise that every person has special talents and different ways of learning. Our size means we are able to embrace a variety of learning and teaching styles so that all students can experience success and feel valued.

Thinking Culture

Interdisciplinary thinking skills enable students to develop processes for thinking in the areas of: understanding, curiosity, truth and evidence, fairness and moral reasoning, creativity, self-management, and decision making. The use of thinking routines makes thinking visible to students so they see and improve.

In nurturing thinking in our students at Kilvington, they will grow into adults who can meaningfully and purposefully engage in the world around them from a well-informed empathic perspective.


Kilvington students build up a strong sense of identity while positively contributing to the local and global community. By developing respect for themselves and others, students learn to live and work together fora better world, fulfilling the promise of the School’s motto, ‘Not for our own, but others’ good’.


Our mission is to inspire students to strive for academic excellence, and to nurture their aspirations in a caring, family-oriented community to become people of depth, strength, integrity and character.