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Roxburgh Park

250 Somerton Road, Roxburgh Park VIC 3064
Business Summary
At KFC we pride ourselves on using quality chicken and local ingredients from trusted suppliers.
About Us
Are your chickens well looked after?
We demand good animal welfare. All of our chicken suppliers are required to be members of the Australian Chicken Meat Federation and to strictly follow the Model Code of Practice for the Welfare of Animals, Domestic Poultry. All of the chickens we use are raised in large barns that are typically bedded with wood shavings or rice hulls. They are not kept in cages.
How fresh is your chicken?
Very! We know fresh is best so across all of our restaurants, at least 97% of our chicken-on-the-bone, chicken fillets and strips are regularly delivered fresh into our restaurants, not frozen. We buy our chicken from reputable chicken suppliers in Australia like Inghams, Steggles and Golden Farms - the chicken we buy is just like the chicken you can find in your local supermarket!
Do you use palm oil?
We've not used palm oil for cooking any of our products since May, 2012, when we switched to using a high oleic canola oil. Some of our desserts may still contain palm oil, but we're working with our suppliers to try and change that, as we'd love to be 100% palm oil free as soon as possible.
Do you have any halal stores?
We are mindful of responding to customer demands and cultural sensitivities in a balanced way. We have just a few Halal stores in Australia that don’t serve bacon and are locally certified as Halal. We have no current plans to expand this.
Will you sponsor my charity or sports team?
We support a number of designated charities and community groups and have commitments to various existing sponsorships. Due to these commitments we are unfortunately unable to help with additional requests.
How do I apply for a job at KFC?
We’d love to hear from you! Please visit http://www.kfcjobs.com.au
Do you advertise to children?
No - we don’t advertise our products directly to children aged under 14 in any media. We also don't advertise our children's meals outside of our restaurants, and we don't include toys with our children's meals. We were a founding member of the Australian Food and Grocery Council's "Quick Service Restaurant Initiative for Responsible Advertising and Marketing to Children" and we take our obligations under that Code very seriously.