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Owning and running a business isn’t always plain sailing. Despite the best efforts of captain and crew, the sea is full of surprises. We’ve seen many firms go down, with no survival or rescue plan. By combining our expertise with award-winning tools and processes, we help business owners chart the right course, reap favourable winds and plan for harsh conditions.

The result? Peace and prosperity for you and your company.

Steps to Success

Our simple, proven method removes guesswork and looks at your business truthfully. In a logical, five-step process we:

  • Define performance problems.
  • Scope strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.
  • Link optimised strategy to tactical plans.
  • Implement coaching and support for you and your team.
  • Review progress data and refine elements.

How We Help

"You can't over estimate the need to plan and prepare. In most of the mistakes I've made, there has been this common theme of inadequate planning beforehand. You really can't over prepare in business!" Chris Corrigan, CEO, Patric Corporation

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  • The Path to Perfection
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We identify causes of financial stress, devise strategies to turn under-performing firms around and help managers and others deliver improved financial performance.


  • Continue the business
  • Retain staff & preserve value
  • Optimise returns to all parties
  • Save insolvency costs
  • Avoid stigma of administration


  • Strategic Planning

We make strategic planning practical by providing the tools, processes and coaching to guide organizations of every size and sector.


  • Determine sustainable competitive advantage
  • Define a vision for the future
  • Plan in a logical, straightforward way
  • Create a one-page list of tasks & timings
  • Enable regular reviews

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