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Institute of Early Childhood Studies Kindergarten Program
About Us
About Us

Children are precious to you… and to us.

We understand how important it is to have the best possible options for children which is why Kath Dickson Family Centre offers a vast range of services from child care to playgroups and child care training.

We invite you to consider Kath Dickson's centre-based child care (regular weekly care, approved kindergarten or occasional child care), home-based family day care or start your rewarding career working with children with an Early Childhood Education and Care qualification. We can meet all your early childhood needs under the one roof!

We Offer

Reflective Relationships

We aim to promote and create an environment which supports respectful relationships between children, staff, families and community members. Children will be given time to make decisions, to choose materials, to accept challenges and to problem solve, to ask questions, and to carefully consider the social context of their own behaviours.

Life Long Learning

Our aim is for children to participate in life-changing education that promotes and encourages learning beyond the classroom. Through the adoption of life skills such as problem solving, reflection, sensitive interactions, co-operation, relaxation, work and play the holistic child is nurtured to establish a responsive community member with a passion for learning.

Sensory Spaces

Kath Dickson promotes a natural environment made up of sensory spaces. Children are introduced to living materials that promote reflective thinking and creative initiative within the ambience of an unhurried, uncluttered environment. Such environments promote opportunities to work alone or to work with others, to provide spaces for on-going play and work projects.

We strive to create a home - like atmosphere with comfortable surroundings, natural creative resources, and appreciation of art, music, dance, and movement and beauty of nature.