About Us

Jemena owns and operates a diverse portfolio of energy and water transportation assets across the east coast of Australia. With more than $11 billion worth of major utility infrastructure, we supply millions of households and businesses with essential services every day.

We have more than a century’s experience and expertise in the utilities sector and, with our strong portfolio of high-quality distribution and transmission assets, we are ready to make the most of opportunities for growth and innovation in our operations.

As a provider of gas, electricity and water, we have enduring relationships with our customers and the communities where we operate. They are at the heart of our commitment to deliver energy and water safely, reliably and affordably, and to the sustainable growth of our business in the long term.

Jemena is backed by the strong resources of our shareholders, State Grid Corporation of China and Singapore Power.

Whom can I speak to about my account?
You should discuss any issues regarding your account or your bill with your retailer in the first instance. Their phone number is shown on your gas bill.
I haven’t had an actual gas meter read in one year. How can I arrange an actual read?
An actual reading of your meter can be arranged by contacting your retailer.
What happens if I’ve been sent a very high bill compared to last time?
If you are concerned with your account, you should speak to your retailer. The phone number for your retailer is shown on your invoice.
My gas meter is not obstructed, and I don’t have a dog on the property. Why was my meter not read?
The estimate that shows on your gas bill may be due to a system issue rather than an access issue.
Why does my bill say it’s an estimated read?
Estimated reads can be used to calculate your bill for a range of reasons, including when an actual meter read is not available. This could be, for example, due to physical reasons where our meter readers couldn’t gain access to your gas meter (such as a locked gate or dog on the premises), or for system related reasons.
Does this mean the next gas bill I get will be huge?
The next bill could be issued for a longer period or referenced to an estimated reading, which could but will not necessarily result in a higher bill. If this would be a concern, please contact your retailer who can set up payment arrangements to reduce the impact.