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PO Box 8523 Perth BC WA 6849
About Us

Our Approach

Our approach is the sum of our values, people and unwavering commitment to deliver the best outcomes for our clients.

We choose to focus on land development and related infrastructure projects, and have a demonstrated record of successfully managing residential and industrial subdivisions and complex redevelopments. We provide cost-effective, high-quality, professional services on every contract, and we believe that our ability to do this consistently has cemented our reputation as specialists in our field.


Close collaboration is the backbone of every project we undertake. Our directors and staff work as a team together with external architects, planners and other consultants appointed by the client. Throughout the entire project, we maintain open lines of communication and foster positive relationships with everyone involved.


We embrace innovation and engage industry-leading technology and practices to ensure that our engineering solutions are of the highest standard. We follow strict quality control measures and have attained ISO 9001:2008.


Safety is a responsibility we take very seriously at each level. We’re committed to providing a safe and healthy working environment for all of our staff, clients and contractors, and reinforce our safety message at all relevant JDSi meetings. In addition, all of our project design reviews include a ‘Designing for safety’ component, which identifies potential risks and hazards during construction.


We have a proven track record of employing and retaining talented, experienced professionals, and enjoy a low staff turnover. For our clients, this means always dealing with people who are deeply involved in and knowledgeable about their project. We employ engineers, designers and drafts people, project managers, site inspectors and support staff who share our company values and make meaningful contributions to the work we do.