Business Summary
Our refurbished auto components help you get to where you’re going.
About Us

JAP Motors is a privately owned business operated by the Smith family since 1983. Everyone on our team, from machinists and mechanics to administrators and managers, takes pride in work we do for you, making your vehicle or classic ready for many more adventures.

Sometimes cars are more than just cars. We love them. We make memories in them. We spend countless hours fine-tuning them. They become almost an extension of ourselves.

That’s why JAP Motors specialises in keeping your Japanese-made model in the same top-notch condition as when it first left the assembly line. We help you keep your beautiful classic or your trusted companion running for years to come.

What We Do

To offer you timely and efficient service, we stock on-hand and supply the attaching hardware and components needed for your complete engine build-up including pistons, rings, bearings, timing belts and kits, gaskets, valves, harmonic balancers, crank and cam angle sensors, water pumps, clutch kits, full engine rebuild kits and more.

  • Quality service
  • Refurbishment, check-up and repair
  • Used & reconditioned engines
At A Glance
Engine reconditioning
Cylinder heads
Vehicle servicing