Jackel Tree Care and Milling

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Business Summary
We are Jackel Tree Care & Milling, a small company that specialises in tree removal, tree pruning, stump removal, and timber milling.
About Us

We can provide the following services:


  • Land Clearing
  • Felling
  • Lopping


  • Tree Pruing
  • Tree Surgery
  • Tree Removal

We are also available for stump removals and emergency call outs!

Our wide range of services that are available to both commercial establishments and residential customers.

What sets us apart from other providers is that we have the capability to turn your tree into lumber. This way, trees that would otherwise go to waste will be of use to you. You can turn your tree into furniture, or use it for building materials for your home, or for anything else that you can think of!

We are trained and fully capable of providing the services we offer. We always complete each job safely and efficiently.

We are a very experienced group that can always be relied upon to get things done. We are honest, efficient, and above all, hardworking. We are very easy to get along with, and we can assure you that we can provide you with a quality service.