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Psychologist, International Trainer, and the Author of a Number 1 Amazon Bestseller.
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Ivan has worked as a psychologist and trainer in schools, business, organisations and with individual clients for almost 40 years. He teaches the transformational psychology of Choice Theory and Reality Therapy, and his company has been the preferred provider of psychology services for doctors in his city. He consults, lectures and teaches around Australia and in Asia, and has projects in countries including the US and Europe. He undertakes workshops teaching wellbeing and happiness, resilience, life skills, positive psychology, relationships and counselling skills.

The Get Happier Project' helps EVERYONE to discover and apply the skills for living a happier and more successful life. It teaches how to:

-Improve Self Esteem and Resilience, 

- Solve Problems in anon-violent manner,

- Make and keep better relationships, 

- Increase Emotional Intelligence, 

Get the very best out of life!

Effective Communication,

Counselling and Coaching,

Managing Stress and Conflict in organisations, classrooms and families,

Understanding and Managing feelings

Increasing Wellbeing and Success

Problem Solving

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Effective Communication Counselling and Coaching