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The Internet provides more convenient opportunities not only for ITP but also for all our clients across Australia. We are now able to handle more clients with greater efficiency. Clients are now able to complete these services whether at home or in the ITP offices.

Legal Will

Having A Legal Will is one of the most responsible decisions that you can make for your family. Having a Legal Will provides peace of mind and avoids complications & unnecessary expenses. You can now complete your Legal Will Online with the WilPaC Online Legal Will Service. This step by step process makes the task of completing a Legal Will easy.


ITP Tax Services

ITP Can Prepare Any Tax Return or Government Form

Any form or return that is required to be completed and submitted to any Federal or State Government authority can be prepared by a suitably trained and professional ITP Consultant.

These returns satisfy all the requirements of the Australian Tax Office (ATO) and Centrelink.

ITP's Guarantee

Every aspect of a client's tax return will be held in strict confidence.

Every return will be prepared by an ITP specialist consultant & double checked prior to lodgement.

Every legitimate deduction or rebate will be claimed.

Throughout the year, clients can discuss with us all matters relating to their personal taxation affairs without charge.

Opening Hours

Our business is to offer client service. Our hours of opening must reflect that commitment.

1st July to 31 August - All ITP offices are open during the peak tax period 5 days each week and after hours and Saturdays. Appointments are recommended.

1st September to 31st October - Same hours except for those offices that are newer or in remote areas that will open with reduced hours.

1st November to 31st December - Most offices will reduce their hours and possibly some days and operate by appointment. Some 30% of offices may close completely until 1st July the next year.

1st January to 30th June - All offices will reduce their hours with an additional 30% offices closing until 1 July.

40% of ITP offices will be open all year to serve our many clients.


1. Australian Tax Office (ATO)

2. Family Assistance Office (FAO)

3. Centrelink

4. Child Support Agency (CSA)

5. Family & Community Services (FACS)

6. Child Care

7. Health Insurance Commission (HIC)

8. Australian Government

9. Online WilPaC Legal Wills