integratedliving Australia

Supporting Individuals. Enriching Communities.
Also known as
  • Integrated Living Australia Ltd
Business Summary
integratedliving Australia provide various customised home care, community based care and health services across rural, regional and remote areas of Australia. We support older people and those who are living with a disability to remain in their homes and enjoy full and independent lives. We can support you in your home with cleaning, transport and meal delivery or help you enjoy social outings to your local area or one of our day centres. You can enjoy our exercise and relaxation services at our Wellness Centres or take part in any of our award-winning Wellness for Independence programs such as Memory Wellness. We also provide allied health services, nursing, telehealth, palliative care and support for carers.
About Us

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We aim to be the leading provider of health services throughout rural, regional and remote communities of Australia. Our focus is on delivering better health outcomes for many Australians, supporting them to live independent and active lives. We provide a range of health and wellbeing options, such as aged-care and disability support, for individuals and their families.

Why Choose Us

  • Supporting rural, regional and remote communities - We know the challenges people in these areas face when accessing health and wellbeing services, and help to combat those challenges.
  • Long established history - We have a proud history of providing aged care services since 1999 and are expanding to new areas and developing new programs and services.
  • Non-denominational and not-for-profit - As a not-for-profit organisation any surplus goes back to supporting local people in local communities.
  • We offer the A to Z of care - Our focus is on providing better health outcomes. No matter where you are in your care journey, we can help.
  • Dependable and proudly local - We are a national organisation with locals supporting locals. Our staff who visit your home are community locals and understand your needs.
  • Experts in our field - Our staff are highly qualified and our programs, services and staff continued to be recognised with industry awards.
Are your services government funded?
The Australian government subsidises a range of aged care in Australia allowing for government funded aged care services for many people. Any fees and eligibility for subsidies will be discussed and agreed upon with your service provider before you receive the relevant services.
Can you help a family member who has been in hospital and needs some assistance at home?
Our transition from hospital to home service is ideal to help with settling in at home safely and with confidence.
Do you provide a service in my area?
integratedliving operates a range of services across many rural, regional and remote areas of New South Wales, Australian Capital Territory, Queensland, Victoria, South Australia, Northern Territory and Tasmania. Call us to find a service near you.
Notable Achievements
Asia Pacific 7th Eldercare 2019 - Finalist Active Ageing Program
Asia Pacific 7th Eldercare 2019 - Finalist Innovation of the Year
Asia Pacific 6th Eldercare 2018 - Winner Best Home Care Operator