About Us

The Integra story is our family’s dream to create a Health Club in Orange like nothing else. Creating an environment where you have the feeling of exercising outdoors while indoors.

In 2002 we found and purchased our land. Then it was all systems go as we set to work designing a building that would take advantage of the elements while maximizing the views.

Maree was our first employee; she joined me in July 2003 working in our home creating a business plan, purchasing equipment, computer programs, designing uniforms, forms and other paperwork.

There are many stories we could tell of events which happened while we were building but one of the funniest was that Maree and I became the chief tilers! How hard can it be? So we started in the ladies bathroom, one in each corner (Maree will tell you I told her we needed to do it like that and we would meet in the middle, she says she argued that that wouldn’t work but the truth is we didn’t even think about it) …. when we got to the middle, we were so far off-line and there was gap which no tile would fit into, well what can you do but laugh ……. so we got creative and the patten in the floor you see now wasn’t part of the design.

Over the years, like all business’, we have had our ups and downs but we have survived.  We hope that you love the club and enjoy the experience we have created here.