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iNova Pharmaceuticals is part of the Valeant Pharmaceuticals International group of companies.
About Us

iNova Pharmaceuticals is part of the Valeant Pharmaceuticals International group of companies.

In the Australia & New Zealand markets Valeant's key local operating units are; iNova Pharmaceuticals, Bausch + Lomb and Solta Medical.

These operating units have a diversified local Health-care footprint spanning Over-the-Counter (OTC) consumer products, pharmaceutical prescription products, surgical and medical devices.

iNova is a diversified pharmaceutical company that markets a range of over the counter and prescription medicines to Australia, Asia Pacific, South Africa and other international markets.

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Services We Offer

Consumer Healthcare

iNova Pharmaceuticals has an extensive range of Over the Counter Medicines and Products offering relief in areas including Cough Cold and Flu, Skincare, Suncare, Allergy and Pain Relief.


iNova has a broad range of prescription medicines in several therapy areas including pain management, weight management, allergy, dermatology, cardiology and respiratory health.

Aesthetic Skin

iNova Aesthetics incorporates a complete range of Aesthetic solutions tailored to improving skin health, skin resurfacing & rejuvenation, facial volume loss and body contouring & tightening.


Bausch and Lomb offer an innovative range of eye health products to consumers and eye care professionals.

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Vision and Values

At iNova we're working towards a single vision- we want to bring science and medicine to the forefront of the pursuit of healthy living.

We're not just about a vision though. We believe in some simple values that help us do things the way we like. Our values matter to us and they matter to our employees.

Working at iNova means you know the customer comes first. You know you're an integral part of the business and you're passionate about it. You know how to communicate and collaborate. You're accountable for results. You're agile, adaptable, passionate, innovative, and above all, you want to move forward with one of the most forward-thinking pharmaceutical companies around the globe.

Why Choose Us?


At iNova we don’t just have a philosophy of caring for people; we have a philosophy of improving people’s lives. And these people aren’t just our customers; they’re our employees too.

We're proud to offer our personnel the following benefits:

Performance-Based Bonus & Incentives Programs

Permanent employees are eligible to participate in our performance-based Incentive and Bonus Schemes

Rewards & Recognition Programs

Outstanding employee performance throughout the year is recognised with:

  • Spot Awards
  • Service Awards
  • Sales and Marketing Awards
  • Culture and Value Recognition

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