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Inghams is a multifaceted company that is today a large and significant contributor to the food industry and in particular the poultry industry with over 7,000 employees and operating in all States in Australia and New Zealand.

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Inghams Enterprises was founded at Casula, New South Wales, in 1918 by Walter Ingham. In 1953, after the sudden death of their father at the young age of 51, the business was inherited by his two sons - the late Jack Ingham (who died on 5 August 2003) and Bob Ingham, who is the Chairman and Managing Director.

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Healthy Eating-Chicken

With all the noise about fish, pork and red meat, it's easy to forget chicken as a great source of protein and essential vitamins.

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  • A great source of readily digestible iron, zinc and B12
  • A great source of protein and essential vitamins
  • A standard 100g portion of chicken contains almost the same amount of protein as the equivalent serving of beef or lamb
  • Chicken contains only 3.3% of fat per 100g when served without the skin

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