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Adelaide Eye & Laser Centre
About Us

The quest for excellence in eye care at Adelaide Eye & Laser Centre is achieved through the latest developments in technology and innovative surgical techniques. These developments have seen vision restored to levels not thought possible just a few years ago, offering improved lifestyles for patients.

Committed to providing these developments, AE&LC constantly strives to achieve excellence. Only by having such goals can we help you achieve a clearer, brighter future.

A key element of Adelaide Eye & Laser Centre is our commitment to customer service from our friendly reception and nursing staff to our optometrists and ophthalmic surgeon.


Why Choose Us?

In 1999, Adelaide Eye & Laser Centre achieved accreditation for outstanding patient care for both cataract surgery and excimer laser surgery through the ACHS Evaluation and Quality Improvement Program (EQuIP). The Centre maintained these standards through a regular review process.

In April 2008 accreditation was awarded through Global-Mark® using International Standards Organisation 9001 Quality Management Systems and the National Safety and Health Service Standards (NSQHSS).