Industrial Relations Commission (Western Australia) - Industrial Magistrates Court

Resolve your disputes with our mediation service!
Also known as
  • Road Freight Transport Industry Tribunal
  • Mediation-Employment
  • Western Australian Industrial Relations Commission
  • Occupational Safety & Health Tribunal
  • Employment Dispute Resolution
About Us
WAIRC Mediation

Mediation by an Industrial Relations Commissioner will assist you to reach the best solution for any employment related dispute. A mediated outcome is likely to be effective because both the employer and employees will have agreed to it and be committed to it.

We can meet and discuss matters in the commission, or on-site in your premises; wherever you think you can get the best outcomes.

Our expertise is in helping you to reach that position. There is no charge for mediation by the Commission.

We can arrange to come and speak to groups or to boards and committees. Click here if you would like us to come out to talk to you about our service.

Mediation Services

The Employment Dispute Resolution Act 2008 enables employers or employees to ask a WAIRC Commissioner to mediate any question, dispute, or difficulty that arises between them. It creates a dispute resolution process which is:

  • informal
  • easily accessible
  • expeditious


  • effective

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