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About Us

Assistive technology is a term for any device, system or design, whether acquired commercially or off the shelf, modified or customised, that allows an individual to perform a task that they would otherwise be unable to do, or increase the ease and safety with which a task can be performed.

A car or a pen can be assistive technology. This is of course very broad so we concentrate on items that are not in general everyday use. This is still a very broad category and it is important to make sure that the information you receive about products is the most suitable for your needs.

We have health professionals who can help you decide what you need. They offer information and advice tailored to your situation. Solutions could involve changing a technique, using a service, handy hints or adapting something you can find around the home.

Our Staff

We employ health professionals including occupational therapists and a speech pathologist. Our service delivery includes individual consultations, telephone, email and fax consultations, education and mobile outreach visits to all parts of Tasmania including the Bass Strait Islands.

Why Choose Us?

ILC TAS recognises the valuable contribution to the service made by volunteers and actively encourages their participation because it:

  • Enables volunteers to contribute to their community
  • Provides the opportunity for work experience and the development of new skills in volunteers
  • Enhances the range of services available through ILC TAS
  • Allows for wider community participation in the service
What We Do

Services We Offer
ILC TAS gives advice about assistive technology. Assistive technology is anything that can help you to do a task.

This Includes:

  • Equipment for daily living
  • Communication and technology
  • Changes to your environment (access and design)
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