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Welcome to the Hobart Clinic

The Hobart Clinic is an accredited hospital and Tasmania's leading private, not-for profit treatment centre for anxiety and depression, clinical mental health eating disorder conditions and drug and alcohol addictions.

If you have private health insurance and are considering treatment and recovery options for yourself or a loved one, the Hobart Clinic can help you.

We have a team of specialists unparalleled in Tasmania, who will talk with you about the treatment that best suits your individual needs.

You may benefit from our day programs, which you can attend one to five days a week. We also run support programs for people who are caring for someone else.

About The Hobart Clinic

The Hobart Clinic's mission is to promote mental health by providing optimal care in a safe and supportive environment.

Day Programs

The Hobart Clinic currently runs the following Day Programs:

1.Mood Management

2.Anxiety Management

3.Addictive Behaviours - (day or evening)

4.Eating Disorders

5.General Wellbeing

6.Dialectical Behaviour Therapy

The Day Program operates five days a week with a different range of programs every day of the week.

The Day Program also incorporates adjunctive therapies such as gym, tai chi and craft.

Please click here to view current Day Program timetable.

ECT Services

The Hobart Clinic also offers an ECT service as an extension of the treatment options available to patients.

ECT can be a life saver for people who have tried many antidepressants with little success and who have a treatment resistent depression. ECT is often the treatment preferred for older people with mental health issues who cannot tolerate biological interventions.

ECT can be provided on either an inpatient or community basis.

For further information or referral contact us on 6247 9960.

What is the process for coming to the Clinic?
You need to get a letter of referral from a GP first. Your GP may fax the letter directly to the Clinic. You should then phone us on 6247 9960 to book in. If you or your loved one require urgent treatment, you can go to a GP for a referral to The Hobart Clinic, or to the Emergency department of a hospital, or call an ambulance.
How do I get a referral?
Make an appointment to see your general practitioner (GP). Talk to them about your concerns and how you think The Hobart Clinic might be helpful.
Do I need private health insurance?
Yes. If you have private hospital cover, most health funds will pay the entire cost of our services. Young adults up to age 25 are often covered by a parents health insurance. You can find out from your health fund. Our administration are happy to assist in checking eligibility.
How long will I stay in the Clinic?
If you need to stay, most stays are two or three weeks, based on individual needs. Our team will work with you until you are coping better.
What will happen when I arrive?
We will arrange a physical health check with our Medical Officer and a mental health assessment with one of our psychiatrists. You can talk about your situation with them to work out an individual plan for your treatment and support.
How often will I talk with a psychiatrist?
Depending on what you both feel your needs are, you may see your psychiatrist every day in the beginning of a residential stay. At a minimum, you will have time with a psychiatrist at least twice a week.
What therapy is available?
To see what therapy we offer, please go to the Treatment services page.
Do I have to take part in group therapy?
It is advisable that you make the most of your therapy by participating in small group work. If this is a challenge for you, there is no need to start before you feel ready, as our clinical staff will be available for support and counseling.
What do the Day programs involve?
A typical program may include daily groups facilitated by nurses and other therapists. These groups are a mix of education, support and relaxation therapies. Topics include assertiveness, goal setting, lifestyle modifications and problem solving; Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (retraining your thinking); relaxation training and practise; and complementary therapies such as art, yoga or tai chi, and massage.
How long can I attend a Day program?
For as many weeks as you need to. Most health funds do not place a limit on how long you can attend and will pay the full cost of our services.