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Business Summary
HCM are leaders in the butchery business being the first to introduce the innovative process called tenderstretch to give consistent and improved eating qualities to their beef products. HCM supplies a full range of superior meat products to the hospitality industry through to the home shopper, providing a free refrigerated home delivery service to our customers.
About Us

‘Home Grown and Healthy Producing Tender Tasty Meat’ is the secret to a successful business.

A third generation beef producer, Geoff Jones, is very passionate and particular about the beef industry and the end product being produced, which led to him and his brothers purchasing Holiday Coast Meat & Smallgoods (HCM) eighteen years ago in 1998.

Growing up with his family on a large scale beef producing business in the Clarence Valley he was hungry for any information involving the industry, which soon led him to having a large involvement with a national campaign aimed at the improvement of the meat eating qualities.

From Conception to Consumption

The meat industry recognised the importance of eating quality, and research found that it started on farm with the correct genetics in the breeding herd through to the growing, finishing, processing and finally the cooking process.

‘Conrad Park’, Geoff’s grazing property and home is located 30 km east of Grafton nestled within the foothills of the coastal ranges providing a very comfortable and protective environment for producing high quality livestock. Conrad Park provides the perfect animal nursery required for the production of high quality livestock destined for the finest dining.

Select livestock are handpicked from local producers guaranteeing the Valley’s finest home grown chemical residue and growth hormone free, no (GMO) Genetically Modified Organisms, giving peace of mind you are getting the very best.