Business Summary
At HLM Investments we pride ourselves on providing high quality personal advice for those looking to invest in the Australian Stock Market.
About Us

The owner and operator of HLM Investments, Heath Moss, has been advising and investing in the Australian Stock Market since completing his Bachelor of Business (Commercial Law) degree in 2004.

HLM prides itself on being a boutique advisory service who are flexible and willing to cater to client's needs, goals & objectives. We are able to do this as we are not constrained by any particular financial institution or product provider.

We like to educate and inform our clients regarding their investments as we feel it provides the client with a greater sense of security and trust in what we do.

Our objective is to assist our clients in achieving their financial goals.

What We Do

HLM offer the following investment services to help grow your wealth via ASX listed securities:

  • The purchase and sale of shares, options, warrants and hybrids
  • Construction of Blue Chip share portfolios
  • Administration and management of share portfolios
  • One off share transactions, such as the sale of issuer sponsored shares
  • Self-managed Super Fund share portfolios
  • Personal and/or General advice on all your ASX investments

Investment Strategies:

  • Long Term (Buy & Hold) Share portfolios
  • Short term speculative trading
  • Covered Call & Buy Write Options strategies
  • High Income portfolios
  • High Growth portfolios
  • Balanced Portfolios
  • Value Investing