Heuron Screenline Pty Ltd

Boundary and Smart Wall Solutions
Business Summary
We design and construct your structural conception, acoustic panelling and feature walls for residential, commercial and industrial applications.
About Us

Combined 100 years in the industry, the Heuron Group can deliver any scale of project. 

We specialize in residential, commercial and industrial applications. Our areas of Operation - New South wales, Victoria, Northern Territory, South Australia, Tasmania, Western Australia, Queensland 

We are leaders in: 

  • Metal Clip
  • Fence Extension
  • Acoustic Structure
  • Security Barrier
  • Wind Barrier
  • Dust Barrier
  • Noise Barrier
  • Smart Modular Acoustic Wall Solutions

What We Do

Our Products and Services:


  • Dunewall - Custom Extra High
  • Evostyle - Feature Walls
  • Evowall - Sleek Alloy System
  • Evowall commercial - Pre Engineered System
  • Urbanwall - Custom Prestige Style
  • Vistawall - Privacy Screening
  • Boundary Walls
  • Retaining Walls

Screenline - Define your space

  • Feature Fencing
  • Fence Extension Kit - Post & Rail
  • Fence Extension Kit - Steel Panel Fence
  • Mini - Latt Infill Panel
  • Slat Extension Panel
Techniko - Precision Engineering Fabrication Tool-making

  • Metal Pressing
  • Powder Coating
  • Tool Making
  • Substations/Generators/Air conditioning
  • Road/Rail/Mining
  • Construction/Developers
  • Manufacturing/Industrial
  • Shopping Centre/Fast Food Outlet/Service Stations
  • Education/Child Care/Aged Care

What size are the wall panels?
The panels are 75mm thick and up to 3000mm long X 900mm or 1200mm high.
How high can I build my wall and does it need council approval?
To date, our Urban-wall range has been pre-engineered to 2.7 metres, Dune-wall to 9 metres high and Evowall to 3.6 metres high. These heights can be exceeded by simple engineering on a job by job basis. Each Council may have slightly varying requirements as to wall heights, we recommend that you contact them or visit their website to confirm local requirements. We can supply an engineering sign-off if required by local authorities.
How do I paint my wall?
Please visit the ‘wall finishes’ section on our website for the correct paint applications. Even though our walls will easily withstand the weather, uncoated for many years, we recommend that it is coated within 30 days of installation. Please note that our wall panels must be primer coated whilst dry, immediately after install, if it is in a cyclonic wind region. This is due to the panel strength being lowered if allowed to become very wet whilst in the raw state.
At A Glance
10 Years Warranty - Defective Material/Workmanship
Custom Made High Urbanwall Range
Toolmaking, Metal Screens, Acoustic Walls
Serve All Capital Cities
Satisfaction, Service & Product Guarantee
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