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Lvl 2, The Wesley Hospital,, Chasely Street Cnr Coronation Drv, Auchenflower QLD 4066

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Genesis Care
About Us

HeartCare Partners has been operating in Queensland for over 25 years and in that time we have grown from a single practice at the Wesley Hospital in Brisbane to seven permanent locations, including our newest practice at The Sunshine Coast University Private Hospital, known as HeartCare Sunshine Coast.

Our cardiologists are committed to regularly visiting regional sites in Queensland to provide cardiology services to patients who otherwise would not have access to these services.

HeartCare Partners has been built around a philosophy of high quality care and clinical excellence. This has meant all aspects of our business are driven by a strong patient focus; something we believe sets us apart from the rest.

What We Do

Our cardiologists and support staff all share the aspiration for HeartCare Partners to be the 'Benchmark in Cardiovascular Care'. We set the standard in clinical delivery and in referrer and patient service through:

  • A focus on accessibility for both patients and referring doctors.
  • Providing a one-stop-shop for cardiac services means that no matter what your cardiac issue, we can coordinate the appropriate care to be provided to you.
  • Best practice bench marking across the entire Genesis Care Network means we are constantly sharing information on a national level to improve clinical and service outcomes.

What services do we offer at HeartCare Partners?
For a list of services we offer at HeartCare Partners and HeartCare Sunshine Coast, please see our Procedures and testing page.
What if I'm experiencing chest pain?
If you have chest pain you must seek medical advice. If you have severe chest pain, contact your General Practitioner. If your doctor cannot be contacted immediately then you should ring an Ambulance – dial' 000' for an ambulance.
Do I need a referral?
Yes, in most circumstances, for your initial contact with HeartCare Partners doctors you will need a valid referral. Whilst this referral remains valid for a finite amount of time (see below), you will be able to access procedures and tests requested by your referring doctor and/or requested by the specialist you see. It is essential to have a valid referral to be able to claim a rebate from Medicare Australia.
How long does a referral remain current?
A referral from a specialist only remains current for 3 months. A referral from a General Practitioner remains current for 12 months, unless otherwise specified by your GP.
Does my cardiologist need to see the referral first?
We would prefer to receive all referrals prior to your appointment. At the very latest, we will require the referral at the time of your appointment.
What will I be charged and will I be able to claim from Medicare or my health fund?
For information regarding our billing policy and Medicare and private health claiming, please visit out Payments section.
What is remote monitoring and how does it work?
Remote monitoring is a means by which we can check the functioning of your implanted cardiac device and your heart rhythm from your home.
How long has remote monitoring been in Australia?
HeartCare Partners in Queensland was one of 5 pilot sites involved in the clinical trial which paved the way for remote monitoring to be introduced to Australia in 2008. As such we operate one of the longest running remote clinics in Australia, and have amassed one of the largest bodies of experience in the country.
Do you provide technical assistance?
Yes. HeartCare Partners will provide technical phone support during standard office hours to help you set up your Monitor or resolve any issues should you have a problem.
What to do after a power blackout?
After a power blackout confirm your monitor is still working by looking at the "power" light. If the power light is "on" and is solid, then everything is fine.
I have ADSL Internet at home - will that cause me any problems?
If your monitor sends data to us using the mobile GSM network then there will be no problem. If your monitor connects using a landline telephone, then you will need to use an in-line ADSL filter to prevent any issues from occurring with the data transmission.
Payment Methods