Health Professionals Bank - West End

Banking for Australia's healthcare professionals
Also known as
  • Health Bank
  • Professionals Bank
Business Summary
It takes passion and dedication to be a healthcare professional. Every day you go above and beyond to treat, care for and help ordinary Australians in their time of need. That's why at Health Professionals Bank, we believe you deserve a banking service that cares about you and helps keep your finances healthy at every stage of life. Be part of Health Professionals Bank Helping members achieve their financial goals is at the heart of everything we do. Health Professionals Bank is for current or retired employees and their families within the healthcare sector. Our focus is to provide products and services that help you achieve your financial goals. Health Professionals Bank is owned by our members, which means part of our profits are reinvested into our products and services. We offer a range of financial products and services to help you reach your financial goals.
About Us

Health Professionals Bank is dedicated to helping Australian healthcare workers reach their financial goals. It offers and arranges a variety of products and services with competitive interest rates including: home loans, everyday banking, credit card, term deposits, personal loans, car loans, insurance, travel services, and financial planning. Banking is fast, easy, and secure with smart platforms; and information you want is at your fingertips with calculators and tools to make your borrowing and repayment estimates simple.

At A Glance
A mutual bank dedicated to Aus health professional
By your side - buying a home, holidaying, new car
Simple and fast banking with smart payment options
Products and services managing your money easy