Health Department of

Also known as
  • Department of Health
  • Tasmanian Health Service
  • Health Department of (Tasmania)
  • Children and Youth Services
  • Ashley Youth Detention Centre
  • Child Health Centres
  • Adoption and Permanency Services
  • Aboriginal Housing Services
  • Child Protection Services
  • Department of Health and Human Services
  • Youth Justice
  • DHHS
  • Family Violence Counselling and Support Services
  • Housing Tasmania


Pulse Youth Health,, 404 Main Road, Glenorchy TAS 7010

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Business Summary
The Department of Health manages government health services for the wellbeing of all Tasmanians.
About Us

We support the executive and statutory roles of the Tasmanian Minister for Health and Minister for Human Services, as well as monitoring the performance of the Tasmanian public health system through the services delivered by the Tasmanian Health Service.

Our vision

To deliver services, policies, programs and legislation that improve the health, safety and well being of Tasmanians.

Our commitment

To work together with clients and the community. To work as one agency, part of one Government and as stewards and partners in the delivery of health and human services.

Our principles

  • Client and Community Focus
  • Effective Governance
  • Strategic Collaboration
  • Intelligent Decision-making
  • Leadership and Culture

Our performance

DHHS will monitor and respond to performance through the Health and Human Services Dashboards and the delivery of major priorities and actions.

Our strategic priorities

  • Healthy and safe Tasmanians– To deliver key strategic projects to build services that continue to improve the health, well being and safety of Tasmanians.
  • Well-governed systems – To embed sound business practices to assure Tasmanians that their health and human service systems are effectively managed.
  • Integrated services – To work effectively with our partners to deliver joined-up service systems that meet the needs of clients and the community.
  • Evidence-based services – To use data and intelligence sources to make informed decisions that drive effective and innovative service delivery.
  • Engaged workforce – To build and support the workforce to deliver efficient, safe and high quality health and human services.