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About Us

Harrison Data Capture delivers highly effective imaging, workflow scanning, web delivery & document management solutions.

At Harrison we are committed to understanding the way our clients work and to then tailoring a service that best suits their specific needs.

That, combined with our considerable experience in scanning and data collection technology, guarantees that all projects can be completed quickly, cost efficiently and with minimum client interruption.

Data Capture/Collection

At Harrison Data Capture we specialize in providing high quality and accurate data capture from even the most unstructured forms.

From among a vast range of data types we can capture hand writing, typed documents and barcodes. We can compare the captured data against other information you provide us or we can link external data to what we are capturing.

And, most importantly, our extensive experience means that we can often reduce the costs of data collection by using in-house developed software to check and validate all inputs.

Our Imaging Services
  • PDM
  • COM
  • PDD
  • COLD
  • MtoD
  • Scan to CD/DVD
  • Data Verification
  • Web Retrieval
  • Barcode/OCR
  • Web Workflow
  • Address Verification.

Records Management

Records Management is about finding the most efficient system to manage your corporate files and records.

Effective Records Management means your organisation can increase productivity and reduce costs.

Electronic Solutions

At Harrison Data Capture, our business is Document Management. The unique process we offer is keeping companies abreast of the advances in technology.

At a time of rapid changes in technology, knowledge is transferred and stored in many forms. This includes paper, optical disc, CD, hard disk, email, Internet, video and voice mail.

This knowledge forms your corporate memory, a valuable company resource allowing informed decision making. It needs to be easily accessible to be used effectively.

An information storage system based around paper documents could leave your organisation lagging behind.