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TitlePage was created by the Australian Publishers Association to provide a price and availability service for booksellers and suppliers to search all titles available in Australia.

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Can I order the books on the HarperCollins website?
We have made a business decision not to sell our books from our website at this time. However Books published by HarperCollinsPublishers can be ordered wherever books are sold, or by ordering through an online retailer. Your chosen supplier will be most efficient in obtaining the book if you quote the ISBN and HarperCollins as the publisher. All prices shown on the HarperCollinsPublishers' website are the GST inclusive Recommended Retail Price (RRP) only and are in Australian dollars.
Will HarperCollinsPublishers consider my manuscript?
Unfortunately, we do not accept unsolicited material. This includes online manuscript submissions and web site proposals. HarperCollins accepts no responsibility for unsolicted submissions and these will not be returned to sender.
How do I contact my favourite HarperCollins author?
The privacy of our authors and illustrators is very important to HarperCollins. In order to protect that privacy, we are not at liberty to release any contact details, including email addresses. However our readers are important to us too and we know that occasionally a reader just wants to say thanks or let an author know how their writing has touched their lives. In these cases we are happy to forward letters posted to us.
I just bought one of your books and it is misbound/has pages missing. What do I do?
Simply return the book to the bookseller you purchased it from for a replacement copy.
Do you accept students for work experience?
We do consider applications for work experience from Secondary school students, however, we are unable to guarantee positions and have a very limited number of students through in any one year.
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