Business Summary
We can relieve your stress of all these worries and we can look after your cat in a wonderful, friendly and relaxed safe environment. Happy Cats wants to welcome you and your cats. We will treat your cats how you would want them to be treated, with love, care and security at all times. With lovely tranquil bush surroundings your cat they can relax in his/her room overlooking a ten acre property with lots of trees and birds. We will look after your cats with the best intention for your cat's needs. If they like being played with or extra loving or grooming we are happy to accommodate, all cats are individual and we will treat them as individuals. You can trust us to give your cats the highest level of comfort in their suite to make them feel at home.
About Us

Kay, Mick and April are all about cats and want to help other people to be sure their cats are safe while travelling, renovating, moving or even working away. We are a new family business that have just opened in October 2013, although we've had seven years’ experience in the industry.

We wanted to make a cat Hotel our own way, so for the last two years we have been building our hotel for cats. We are all for the cats and their comfort. We are a small business, therefore we can spend quality dedicated time with your cats loving, grooming, and playing with them, as we think this is very important while you are away. We consider your cats as individuals and will cater to your cat’s needs. Whether they like to have extra cuddles or play time, or chill out overlooking the gardens.

We are on a ten-acre property surrounded by beautiful gardens, trees, bush and birds. Great for your cats to relax, feel safe in beautiful tranquil surroundings. All cats are different and we want them to feel comfortable and relaxed. We want to make our Cattery a five star service in all areas. We also sponsor Cystic Fibrosis, which we will be donating to on a monthly basis.